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Art From The Heart Productions is best known for our Edu-Tainment / Docu-Feature films, artistic & social empowerment and advocacy. We bring a spotlight to a wide variety of artistic and cultural communities. AFTH is also known for our reportage, event productions, and community involvement within the Gay community. AFTH breaks all the molds and provides a unique voice for those that mainstream media have traditionally ignored. University students use AFTH films for their theses & research, and community based organizations use them for education & outreach.


This event will be another chapter in the legendary history of the Harlem Ball community that has influenced some of the biggest names in fashion, music and art.


We have soft launched our new website as one of the updated tools to help us entertain, communicate, and educate. Our hard launch will be in mid March 2014. New exciting media will be added daily. We invite you to browse around using the top menu bar…there’s plenty to watch and read.

AFTH produces media, events, and lectures on artistic and social empowerment, HIV/AIDS education and awareness, and promotes active artistic development. Our vision is to preserve and to document artistic and cultural history by investing proceeds from our profits back into the communities we explore.

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