Flow Affair [DVD]

FLOW AFFAIR is the first feature film about the Flagging dance and the Evolution of Flow Arts. It’s an inside look at the New York City, San Francisco and Chicago Flag, Fan, Poi, Voguing and Floguing Dance communities. Flagging originated in the New York City Leather Gay community in the late 1970′s.

Floguing [Flagging + Voguing = Floguing]
Introducing the new dance,”Floguing,” bringing together the “Voguing” and “Flagging” communities, which was integrated into the “Harlem House Balls”.


Features Flag Dancers: Xavier Caylor, Mark Stewart, Mykel, George Jagatic, Brad Carpenter, David Gosbin, Felipe Grandinett, Nelia Vishnevsky, Jeannette Torres, Phillip Bryan.

Fan Dancers: Mike Rahn, Bert Seva and The Colors of the Wind.

Floguing Dancers: Aaron Enigma, Javier Ninja and Renaldo Milan.

Poi Dancer: Isa Isaaca aka GlitterGirl.

Music Soundtrack: Melba Moore, Man Parrish, Meli’sa Morgan and Jerico of the Angels.

Director / Producer / Cinematography / Editor: Wolfgang Busch
Distributed by: Art From The Heart Films
DVD 85 minutes, CD Soundtrack, USA 2011

Price: $19.95