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My 90′s, a Rockumentary about the New York City Underground live music scene and its evolution through the eyes and life of director/producer/activist Wolfgang Busch


This is a journey to the intersections of rock, punk, industrial, new wave, and gothic scenes / cultures by the people who lived it. Help us tell these stories of New York arts culture history many know of, but many don’t know about.

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In 1990… We were on the bleeding edge of art & culture. Years of developing culminated into a decade that stands the test of time.
Today… People have gone on to do all types of amazing things, even become Grammy and platinum award winning artists.

Art From The Heart Films, Historic Rockumentary, USA.

Director / Executive Producer Wolfgang Busch, segment Producers: Darryl Hell.

Synopsis: The 1990’s NYC music scene experienced a flowering moment in rock music history, with a wild diversity of musical styles and scenes. This moment was born out of the 1980’s rock coalition culture when musicians, promoters and clubs collaborated to create the communities needed to support the growth of music. This is the story of how musicians created their own futures and in doing so, built a world class music scene.

Set against the city government’s hostility toward NYC’s live music culture, music industry apathy and the exploding cost of living, this film traces the rise and fall of a special time in the New York City region DIY music culture history. This story is told through the eyes of  those who were active parts of the culture, faced its challenges, and reveled in its successes.

Hall Of Famer and Humanitarian Award Winning Director / Producer & Activist: Wolfgang Busch

Previous Credits: How Do I Look, 2006; A True Lesson in Humanity 2007; Flow Affair 2011.

Relevant Awards:
1) Humanitarian Award & Best Documentary for How Do I Look documentary, Historic Art Film 2008.
2) Communicator Award for NY / Tokyo Youth Baseball Sister City Exchange Program Documentary, Sponsored by the United Nations and the City of New York, 1998

Archives: This project is grounded in a rich archive of performance and interview recordings, including those with Hilly Kristal, Nina Hagen, Gwar and many others, between 1990 and 2000. We are also recruiting the key musicians, promoters, club owners, organizers, and producers who helped create the culture; for interviews, music and historical context. We have recruited over a hundred participants so far, including many of the significant players in that diverse musical movement.

Donation Request: We are seeking pre-production funding support, to complete this film. Budget and other details are available upon request.

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For further information, contact:
Wolfgang Busch
Art From The Heart Films
112-25  34 Avenue Apt. F, Corona NY 11368; ArtFromTheHeartWolf@gmail.com






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