Art From The Heart wants you to get involved…and we’re gonna make it easy.

Whether working directly with us or in your own community, we want to help people locate each other. We will be creating a Google Map that will have the basic location of like-minded people [no specific addresses of private people unless otherwise stated], which will help you discover people and resources in your region, your community, and throughout the country.

Here are some ways that you can get involved:

- Posting resources on our FB page [The goal here is simple. You know your community better than we do. We want to know about the resources you know about. If there's a person or org that does good work and should be acknowledged, post it on our page.][click here for our Facebook page]
- Whatever your skill, if you are interested in arts empowerment, we would love to work with you. [Most orgs don't have much for people to do besides hand out promotional materials, which is important, but maybe the skillset of the volunteers aren't being maximized. Better said, "you don't hire an architecture to fix your roof."]

Throughout winter 2014, we are building a framework to expand our network.  If you have a working model or a solution to improving the society through the arts, please send them to us at or post them on our Facebook page [link above]