Pink Pong Video Highlights

Gay Games Cologne 2010 – Table-Tennis Finals
Finals from the A, B and C divisions   video by veryfriendlymag

Kaia Wilson’s Journey to the Gay Games Trailer 2010
A ping pong love story that begins in Portland, Oregon and continues on to Cologne, Germany.

Gay Games VIII, Cologne Germany 2010
Table Tennis Medal Ceremony
Gold Medals in Doubles Recreational Division, Wolfgang Busch and Lee Hao.
Team New York dominated the Recreational Division winning 8 medals total.

Pink Pong NY dominated at the Gay Games XIII in Cologne, Germany, in the Recreational division.

In the video are Wolfgang Busch two time gold and one bronze medalist, Kevin Wallace participant and from the C division bronze medalist Hai He.
video by Hai He

Video taped at the weekly practice at Paradise
Sunnyside Queens, New York on June 8th 2012

Pink Pong NY practice at Paradise, in Sunnyside, Queens, June 14,2012
Battle between the two gold medalists from the Gay Games VIII in Cologne, Germany Lee Hao and Wolfgang Busch. They won the gold together in the Doubles Recreational Division. Team NY dominated the Recreational Division winning 8 medals total.

Also in the video is our Under 1750 ranking tournament winner and silver medalist from Cologne in the C Division Hai He, Most Improved Player of the year 2010 and 2011 Kevin Wallace, founding member Rodolfo Simons and Jeff Warren.

Pink Pong NY players Wolfgang vs Michael
Table Tennis Club on Prince Street in Flushing, NY,
June 25th, 2012. Highlight moments from a 3 hour practice.

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