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New York New Rock TV
New York City Rock Scene from 1990 until 2000.
Producer, director Wolfgang Busch.
Youtube link to all the bands.

New York New Rock TV
A ten year long popular TV show on Manhattan Cable from 1990 until 2000.

Over 600 bands videotaped in clubs like Limelight, Cat Club, CBGB’s, China Club, Danceteria, Beowolf, The Grand, The Bitter End, Hot Rod, Zone dk, The Marquee, Tilt, Hard Rock Cafe, Tattoo, New Music Cafe, The Fez, Roadhouse, Cafe AGOGO, The Ritz, Irving Plaza, Continental Divide, Birdlands, Central Park, Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park, Wetlands, The Cooler, The Supper Club, L’Amour East, Time Cafe, Kenny’s Castaways, The Vault, The Pyramid, The Rock Ridge Saloon.

In 1987, while Wolfgang Busch was working at the America’s largest musicians union, the Local 802, he created a non-profit organization New York New Rock, producing and directing New York New Rock TV, a 10 years long public access TV show in Manhattan, reaching 250,000 households weekly.

Its mission was to expose, educate and showcase the local un-signed talents of up-coming Rock, R&B and dance bands to industry leaders and to bands on independent and major record labels. Wolfgang showcased musicians connected to grass root organizations such as the Black Rock Coalition, Christian Musicians United, Women in Music, The Gay & Lesbian American Music Awards (GLAMA), OutMusic and the Staten Island Rock Coalition.

During this 10 year time period Wolfgang was gaining hands on experience in the entertainment business, videotaping over 600 bands live and produced over 400 TV shows.

Some of the TV highlights include local icons Skin & Bones, Phoebe Légere, Carboy, TM Stevens, Jon Dunmore, Larry Mitchell, Sweet Convulsions, Sunshine Blind, Loretta’s Doll, Darryl Hell, Bile, Sister Machine Gun, EBN, The Ancestors, the Ancients, Shoot the Doctor, arena rock bands UFO, Robin Trower, Bay City Rollers, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and Nina Hagen. Interviews with GWAR, Hilly Crystal from CBGB’s, Shriekback, Gods Child, Ronnie Montrose and R&B band Ian Neville, Latin music superstar Mambo King Tito Puente, Joe Cuba, Jose Feliciano and Willie Villegas.

The people behind the scene of New York New Rock: Zecca, Ivy Markety, Jordyn Tiessen from WBAI, Sharon Caddick, Patrick Inzetta, Steve Shrebernick, The Mermaid, John Culkin from Citirock and ELA studios, Jack Pavlik from Sweet Convulsions and the East Coast Rocker, Marc Scarpa, Steve, Marylin from the Black Rock Coalition, Sal Baldino from the Christian Musicians United, Clair O’Conner from Limelight, Gabriel Rotello, Michael T, Gaye Carleton, Willie Wilegas, John Tolve.

New York New Rock TV
Wolfgang Busch

Youtube link to all the bands

To all the bands, please, contact Wolfgang if you would like to be included in the New York New Rock documentary or any questions you may have. Thank you.