Director Wolfgang Busch is going deep into the Harlem Ballroom scene, connecting history, trends and culture. The “Ball” culture created numerous popular trends like the “voguing” dance and influenced the careers of music celebrities Madonna, Fergie and Lady Gaga, helped to shape the fashion industry by influencing the designers Marc Jacobs, Thierry Mugler and Patricia Field, and has an incalculable impact on global culture since the 1960’s.

“Its gonna get severe up in here.”

How Do I Look is a documentary that reveals why the Icons and Legends from the Harlem House Ball community have influenced the biggest stars in pop culture for decades and are setting trends in fashion, dance, music and runway. They are the originators of the “Voguing” dance. Their innovations and culture are best known from Madonna’s music video “Vogue,” “Truth or Dare,” and the film “Paris is Burning.” Harlem House Balls are also known as “Harlem Drag Balls” or “Balls.”

“Director Wolfgang Busch captures the creative way society’s disenfranchised express themselves through movement and creativity.”Michael Musto, Village Voice

Humanitarian Award winning film Diaspora Film Festival, Berlin Germany
Best Documentary Pill Award, New York City USA

Pepper LaBeija, Icon

Pepper LaBeija, Icon


Starring: Willi Ninja, Pepper Labeija, Tracy Africa, Octavia St. Laurent, Kevin Omni, Jose & Carmen Xtravaganza.

Director / Producer: Wolfgang Busch
Assistant Directors: Kevin Omni & Luna Khan
Distributed by: Art From The Heart Films
DVD 80 minutes, USA 2006, available here on our website and