Introducing a documentary about a new dance,”Floguing,” bringing together the “Voguing” and “Flagging” communities.

Floguing [Flagging + Voguing = Floguing]
Introducing the new dance, ”Floguing,” bringing together the “Voguing” and “Flagging” communities.

FLOW AFFAIR features

Flag Dancers: Xavier Caylor, George Jagatic, Brad Carpenter, Nelia Vishnevsky, Mark Stewart, Mykel, Felipe Grandinetti, Jeannette Torres
Fan Dancers: Mike Rahn, Bert Seva, Art By Davey, The Colors of the Wind, Daniel Berns
Poi Dancer: Isa Isaaks
Floguing Dancers: Aaron Enigma and Javier Ninja
Special Appearances: Man Parrish
Music by Tony award winner Melba Moore, Meli’s Morgen, Jerico Of The Angels, Man Parrish

Wolfgang Busch is a master at capturing the creative way society’s disenfranchised express themselves through movement and creativity. -Michael Musto, Village Voice

Director / Producer / Cinematography / Editor: Wolfgang Busch
Distributed by: Art From The Heart Films
DVD 85 minutes, CD Soundtrack, USA 2011
available here on our website and


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