How Do I Look

The documentary How Do I Look reveals why the Legends and Icons from the Harlem Drag Ball community have influenced the biggest stars in pop culture for decades and are setting trends in fashion, dance, music, runway, and they are the originators of the “Vogueing” dance. Their innovations and culture are best known from Madonna’s music video “Vogue,” “Truth or Dare,” and the film “Paris is Burning.” Harlem Drag Balls are also known as “House Balls.”

Flow Affair

FLOW AFFAIR is the first feature film about the Flagging dance and the Evolution of Flow Arts. It’s an inside look into the New York City, San Francisco and Chicago Flag, Fan, Poi, Voguing and Floguing Dance communities. Flagging originated in the New York City Gay bars in the late 1970′s.

My 90′s

The Evolution of the New York City
Rock - Punk - Industrial - New Wave – Gothic Scene. I1990… WE WERE THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. Today… GRAMMY, PLATINUM, HUMANITARIAN AWARD WINNERS.