In a city where commercialism is a religion and celebrity is its god, there is an audio podcast focused on the heart and soul of Gay culture.

“BURNING THE CLOSET” an audio podcast archive

We interview people throughout Gay culture. Young and old, the experienced Gay advocate and the young person first stepping beyond the confines of the closet to discover themselves. Our goal is to give voice to those who have traditionally been left out of the conversation and to give those who have been in media a chance to address topics they may not have been enabled to discuss at length.

“FROM THE ARCHIVE” a video podcast archive

From The Vault is our companion video podcast, featuring video from the extensive Art From The Heart archives that span the diversity of Gay culture back to the 1980′s. We provide an alternative view to and for the many people still living in a psychological, if not physical, closet. In our opinion, the “closet” needs to be burned and its ashes shown to the world as an eternal example of a time when people were forced to hide who they are.


Art From The Heart – From the Vault [FTV 2 - 1999 GLAMA AWARDS]

This episode presents our exclusive coverage of the 1999 GLAMA [Gay Lesbian American Music Awards] AWARDS. It features: KATE PIERSON [B52's], DEBORAH GIBSON, LIPSYNCA, SANDRA BERNHARD, ANNIE DeFRANCO, THE KLEZMATICS, BOB MOULD [Hüsker Dü], AND MORE.

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Art From The Heart – From the Vault [FTV 1 - Willi Ninja]

Art From The Heart presents From the Vault FTV-1 This podcast features an exclusive discussion with the late vogue runway icon Willie Ninja. It’s a currently unreleased excerpt from the raw interview footage for the documentary HOW DO I LOOK.

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