Spotlighting Artistic & Cultural Communities

After 30 years of arts and sports production, empowerment and advocacy, our network continues to grow.

We reach our audience by actively partnering with educational & cultural institutions, grass-root and community based organizations, alternative & mainstream media and individuals like you.

AFTH is a full in-house video production company producing historic art films; music videos and special events. Our services include also free consultation, media, talent showcases, lectures, art exhibits, screenings, seminars, workshops, advocacy and we promote HIV/AIDS health awareness.

Wolfgang Busch, Activist for the Artistic & LGBT Community  

Art From The Heart LLC was founded in 2006 in New York City by German / American Wolfgang Busch with the guidance of his entertainment attorney Donald Farber, an icon in the theater and film industry, to serve and to improve the conditions for the under-served Music and Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender (LGBT) artistic community as well as people with disabilities in the performing arts.

Wolfgang became an openly gay artistic and social activist in the mid 1980′s, while volunteering for three years at the largest musician’s union, the Local 802, in New York City, managing the Rock/ R&B committee and its 1,200 members, producing seminars, workshops and showcases.

After two decades of interviewing people from all backgrounds and cultures, Mr. Busch released his first documentary, “How Do I Look,” in 2006.  It documents the oral history of Harlem Drag Balls, the originators of the “Voguing” dance.

Wolfgang was inducted into the LGBT HallOf Fame and his company Art From The Heart Films was inducted into the Queens Hall Of Fame in 2018, he also received two Humanitarian Awards, Best Documentary, and numerous other awards and ceremonies of recognition for his work as an activist, historian, educator, lecturer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and social advocate. Wolfgang brings the attention and awareness to the under-served and trend-setting communities with the goal to empower them artistically and financially.

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Mission Statement

Art From The Heart LLC combines grass-root and corporate skills to build artistic infrastructure and has become an inspirational force and motivator for people from all walks of life. University students and community based organizations use AFTH films as a resource for theses and research. AFTH’s goal is to break down artistic exploitation, stereotyping, racism, sexism, and homophobia, to close the gap between those disadvantaged and under-served communities, the entertainment industry and the community at large.